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Metro exodus bridge mission

The locals have captured Alyosha who is now somewhere between a guest and a prisoner. Now take the last remaining zipline into the enemy camp. Your only task here is to make it out of the camp to the next section but this will involve taking out some enemies as you make your way to the zipline tied to one of these elevated shacks out of here. Headshots from a safe distance are key here. You can start by taking out as many men from the ground beneath you as possible Start with the two near the stairs that lead to your bridge.

Take cover behind the large panel. Using the reflex sight for this should work well. The Helsing gun is key here. From here, change to the NV Scope if you have it. Using the NV Scope or whatever scope you have scan the area and see if there are more men you can shoot who are roaming the ground. This is a great spot because you have a large panel covering you. That will tip you off to their location.

There are more enemies waiting for you on this bridge shack area but you they can be hard to see from here. Shoot him in the head and wait a bit for the commotion to die down. Get out of the camp and into the next area.

This section will include callout for where enemies might be located so you can shoot them from a distance. Always look around, especially to the far off distance so you can shoot enemies safely. An example is pictured below of a foe coming out of the building to your far off left.

Keep going and at the end of the bridge go to the left to take the bridge towards the green and blue paneled house. Watch for enemies as always. Look around for more snipers.

There may be one on the left and another on the right varies depending on enemy movement. Stand up and look around the area. Go up the ladder there. And take the door to the place up top. Inside, a man will surrender you can knock him out for his items or leave him alone. Use his workbench. Continue on that path towards the desk full of skulls and a copy of Metro on it.

Metro Exodus: How to Get the Railcar (The Terminal Mission)

Then take a right. Start to cross the bridge slowly and shoot the enemy up ahead. When you do this the other will likely run off a bit and then put his hands up to surrender. Last Edited: 24 Feb pm. You essentially ziplined into a wall to get here. Use that wall for cover.With Metro Exodus seeing Artyom and The Order leave the tunnels beneath Moscow, you need to do more than just slowly creep through dark and decaying corridors.

You need to railcar and the carriages so that you can carry more resources and people on your journey across the country. First of all, you need to get the drivable railcar from the decaying warehouse, before getting the empty carriages from a bandit camp. You need to get into the terminal by boat. This is where you need to get out of the boat. The aim in this room is to get to the right-hand side of the warehouse, to the right of where you entered. The best way to do is it to get to the back of the room and go along the walkway there, before circling round to the railcar and the control room.

From where you just dropped down, circle round to the right and go along a narrow corridor with water in the middle. Doing so will spin the big metal contraption in front of you so that you can walk through it. You can also climb to the top of what looks like a big container by finding a gap in its walls and climbing the ladder inside. Run over to the other similar structure, and go down the winding stairs on the right of it, avoiding the mutants that are on top.

Helpful tip: a blue glow often indicates where to go in Metro Exodus. The catfish will then take out a load of mutants and you will be able to follow the walkway as far as you can.

metro exodus bridge mission

There will be a wheel on the wall to the left of it, which you can interact with. Pulling that will spin the contraption around, allowing you to get to the railcar. Now, you need to get the railcar carriages from the bandit camp. Keep driving the train forwards, keeping note of and trying to avoid the electrical anomalies.

Jump out and pull the lever on the right, then jump back in the railcar and carry on. Once you get to the bandit camp, which are usually shown in Metro Exodus by a red flag on top of a metal structure, you should stop before you reach it and head in on foot. To get to it, the best thing to do is go through the old carriages on the right of the camp, taking out enemies silently if you need to.

You need to open a gate to the carriages so that you can continue the Metro Exodus story.There are a lot of missions that not every player will get to see in Metro Exodus. Here is everything you need to know about how to get Saul side missions in Metro Exodus and how they affect the ending and Damir. You will first come across him in the desert Caspian level, and he seems like little more than a random enemy NPC.

Saul will ambush you from the roof of a building you go to as part of the story. Then, you will get the choice to choke him out or kill him. Here, you want to keep him alive. Side missions are shown on your map in the game by a white question mark. The better you are and the more you help the other survivors by completing side missions, the more likely you are to get the good ending. Saul is important to that in the Caspian level.

Also, the fate of Damir is an important part of this section of the game. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Metro Exodus wiki. Connect with us. Continue Reading. Related Topics: choicedamirEndingMetro Exodussaulside missions. Borderlands 3: Is it Open World? Gears 5: Is it Open World? To Top.View guide index.

For this new part of the Metro Exodus Walkthroughyou will have to cross the Volga bridge to reach the cult leader, Silantius, in order to convince him to let the Aurora pass picture1. Once again, to get the best ending of the chapter and therefore of the whole game, you must finish this part without killing a single member of the cult.

Start by climbing the stairs while turning off the torch in front of you, and then go to the opposite building picture2. Go up until you find a sleeping member of the cult picture3. Pass him by slipping into the right gap picture4. Continue straight ahead, while turning off the lantern on your way picture5then step over the sandbags.

There are two ways to do this. If you have equipped a silencer on your weapon as recommended in the previous section of our Metro Exodus Guidethen you can shoot at the grid padlock from the inside picture6.

Otherwise, neutralize the soldier in the courtyard picture7and take the stairs to the side. Knock out the guard picture8and take the twisted bridge to reach the other side picture9.

You then reach the level of the previous grid picture Walk along the building from the right, and turn off the lantern picture11 before taking the elevator to the second part of the bridge picture This new area is much shorter than the previous one picture Go directly to the right and knock out the guard picture Climb over the tires and stay to the right to avoid being spotted by the cultists picture If you have a silencer on your gun, use it to break the grid padlock picture Otherwise jump on the suspended boat on the right picture In doing so, you can then jump to the other side of the grid.

In the next room, neutralize the guard on the stairs picture18and then go pick up the Postcard near the fire picture Then go up the stairs and pass behind the guards who attend the Mass without touching them picture Continue up the stairs until you reach the door behind which Silantius is hiding picture A long cutscene is triggered and varies depending on whether or not you have killed members of the cult picture In both cases, the Volga chapter ends and the adventure continues in the Spring one.

Home Solutions About. The Bridge. The Church. The Bukhanka and the Lighthouse. Children's Camp. Metro Exodus Moscow Collectible Locations. Picture1 Picture2 Picture3. Picture4 Picture5 Picture6.Follow the natural path: up the stairs, through the train car, Drop down and take the stairs with the red glow. Move through the train car and the second door on your right will lead to a wooden pathway with a tunnel at the end that the Nosalis use to climb through.

Take a left at this tunnel. Walk forward and on your right, there are a few Molotov cocktails on the ground. Consider taking the semiautomatic there as well. This next section is filled with weak wooden planks and an endless horde of Nosalis. Drop down to the right immediately and travel up the stairs on the right. A giant leech creature will drag you under water. Shoot them down and keep paddling. But a few shots should keep them at bay long enough to keep going. Things will flash completely white, become distorted, and then everything will go black.

Last Edited: 25 Feb am. Turn the Wheel While the Nosalis Appear [ edit ] Walk forward and on your right, there are a few Molotov cocktails on the ground. Run forward and approach the wheel. Turn around and shoot a few Nosalis and throw a few Molotov cocktails.

Once a few are dead and the flames are going, turn the wheel. From here, walk through the train car to the right of the wheel. Move forward and head to the boat. Paddle forward. Keep paddling. Shoot them on before they spit harmful bile at you. Fight the Giant Leeches [ edit ] A giant leech creature will drag you under water. Take a left into the gross tunnel structure.

Travel and Pull Some Levers [ edit ] Move forward, shoot the leeches on your way. Exit, go up the stairs and into the door. Continue through to the next area.

Pull the lever and cross the bridge. Up ahead, pull the lever. After that, drop down and take the boat. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "M". Developer 4A Games. Release Date February 15, Table of Contents.Metro Exodus is the third installment of the fan-favorite series by 4A Games, and the first such extensive game in the franchise.

Our guide includes a walkthrough for every main and side mission. Also, our guide has descriptions for the short stages dividing the game into the seasons - winter, spring, summer, and fall. Moscow is the prologue of Metro Exodus. You will meet a few familiar characters - Anna and Miller. You will also visit the Moscow metro.

Winter is a short chapter taking place between Moscow and the Volga. This level serves as an introduction to the new larger location - the Volga. The Volga is the first large location in Metro Exodus.

All the Metro Exodus map locations: every upgrade and side mission you need to find

This level introduces new gameplay mechanics, has a few collectibles diaries and postcardsand is your first opportunity to visit interesting locations on the map. Our walkthrough will help you with every mission and objective in the Volga. In this location, you will face the cultists.

Spring is another introduction stage. This time, you and the Order are moving towards the Caspian Sea. Metro Exodus features various side activities. These missions are available in more open locations the Volga, the Caspian Sea, and Taiga. Complete them to receive ammo or crafting resources. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides.

Metro Exodus Side Missions Guide – All Missions Detailed

Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Metro Exodus Guide. All missions and objectives list. Table of Contents.

metro exodus bridge mission

Going through tunnels Celebrating the New Year Going after the map and blind monsters. Secrets and trophies. Diary pages Trophies achievements.

metro exodus bridge mission

Metro Exodus: Sam's Story. How to get the good ending? Harmonica melodies Diary notes Night Stashes. Game guide. Starting tips Characters Mutants Factions How to obtain resources?Metro Exodus has a few side quests. Complete them to receive items that will help you during fights.

Your task is to eliminate all mutants. Take your best weapon and shoot every single enemy standing in your way. The southern part of the map is filled with mutant hideouts. Your objective is to eliminate them all.

The most difficult enemy is in the last room. You can't stun him. Take out your weapon and shoot him in the head.

Remember to hide behind covers. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Metro Exodus Guide. Side Missions. The Caspian Sea. Table of Contents. Going through tunnels Celebrating the New Year Going after the map and blind monsters. Secrets and trophies. Diary pages Trophies achievements. Metro Exodus: Sam's Story. How to get the good ending? Harmonica melodies Diary notes Night Stashes.

Game guide. Starting tips Characters Mutants Factions How to obtain resources? Weapons and combat. Weapons basics Types of weapons in Metro Exodus How to get ammo? How to clean weapons? How to get gas mask filters?

How do I get upgrades for armor, helmet and gas mask?

Metro Exodus / Take over the bridge & continue journey / Part 9

Will Artyom die in Metro Exodus? How do the morality system work?


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