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Lichess vs chess reddit

Lichess is an excellent website. Open source[0], truly free[1] and provides an amazing UX. Lichess is a true gift to the chess community. Lichess uses interesting frontend technologies. The web client used to use mithril, then moved to snabbdom. The lead developer of Lichess, Thibault Duplessis, gave an excellent talk the other year if you're interested in the story behind Lichess. He's also a cool dude, my cofounder and I are huge admireres of lichess and met up with him in Medellin last year when he was passing through.

It's also ridiculously fast, both frontend and backend! The frontend virtual dom was initially Mithril and has later been replaced with snabbdom [1]. No React or Vue. Am I mistaken, or was it that lichess was actually in PHP a couple of years ago?

lichess vs chess reddit

But maybe I'm mixing things up. You're probably confusing Lichess for another app, the founder has been in the Scala community since at leastif not before.

Lichess to FIDE Elo Rating Conversion

Although maybe in the early days it was, for some reason, written in PHP; I'd be quite surprised if that were the case. LiChess is an incredible resource for the chess community. Any chess hackers interested in contributing, please email me! Contact info is in my profile.

Pity the culture is so Rematches are basically non-existent - even in bullet! It's bizarre, and I have to assume it's going to limit the site's growth. Yesterday I played a classical game vs an opponent rated higher than me and lost. Afterwards I analyzed the game in a lichess study, and my opponent was nice enough to share his thoughts in the study. It was an awesome experience. There are great parts of the community as well. I played the classical game on lichess. I know.

I'm saying that the lichess classical culture probably diverges wildly from the lichess blitz culture. I analyze every game, win or lose, so I often ignore the immediate rematch request. I accept more rematch requests on chess. Essentially the ease of use and free availability of high quality analysis tools on lichess outcompetes my desire for a quick rematch. YZF on Jan 11, Improving at chess requires immense mental focus.

I won many games just because I wanted a win more and thought harder and longer than my opponents — I could tell based on clock usage. This guide will teach you where to focus your mental energy on. Some questions answered includes:. When I was eight, a relative gifted me a chess set and chess book.

When I was nine, I immigrated to America and brought my chess set with me. But the chess set was most memorable. That, and my Popeye shirt, which my grandma hated since Popeye looked deformed, but that made me like it way more. I continued to played chess pretty casually until college. I really enjoyed the game, but the local competition was lacking. During university, I really lived up the bachelor lifestyle and played online chess more seriously.

I peaked at an online rating around During this time, to try and improve, I studied grandmaster games, read chess books, watched lectures from the Chessmaster series, and took the most common advice of training puzzles to improve my tactics.

None of this helped my rating go up much. Analyzing my own games helped me improve the most, but I still ended up stalling around The problem is, I could never be sure where my mistakes were without an engine, and back then, they were so cumbersome to use.

Chess Rating Comparison 2016

But then, Lichess came out with a free online engine that looked super easy to use. I finally had an easy way to correct my mistakes. On February 10th,I set a goal of playing seriously everyday and hitting a rating which i achieved on February 26th. The thing is, both solving puzzles and spotting tactics in game are mostly willpower. You will be better at both if you think harder and longer. But does solving puzzles help you learn patterns in tactics which can help you identify tactics more quickly in the future?

Inthree scientists from Microsoft, Cornell and Harvard scoured million chess games played online between amateurs to find patterns in human mistake making. They found something extremely interesting. The best predictor for blunder rates, translating closely to major tactical errors [3]is not the rating of the player, but the complexity of the board position. This is a profoundly unexpected result. You make more blunders than Grandmasters less because they recognize tactical patterns faster, but more because you put yourself in precarious positions.

The more I reflect personally on this finding, the more it makes sense. As my Lichess puzzle rating went up, the main difference was how deep I had to think — I had to think three moves ahead instead of one or two. I just spend a lot of time and mental energy explicitly calculating out every combination of moves. Another problem with puzzles is that you are aware a tactic exists. The same study mentioned earlier had a good answer for how long you should search for tactics.

It found that blunder rates, roughly equivalent to missed tactics, flatten out almost completely past ten seconds of thinking time.

The study hypothesized that when players deliberate on a move for a long time, they are usually formulating a grand strategy rather than evaluating specific tactics. Look through your game history and count what percentage of your games is decided in the end game. Then count the percentage of games decided in the mid game. There is a chess insights tool in Lichess which can help with this.In the interest of understanding the commonly noted chasm between users' lichess Ratings and their respective chess.

I went to lichess' Weekly Rating Distribution page and roughly calculated the mean and standard deviation for Classical, Blitz and Bullet time controls.

I realized that, since the mode and median were very close from each other, the mean would be around the closest percentile to the 50th. Then, assuming a Gaussian, I took the values for the closest percentiles to both the 84th and 16th, averaged them out and rounded to the nearest half of ten, getting my standard deviation. I searched for chess. They are statistical approximations, and may be used to infer about the different preferences of players, but no more than that. On a final note, chess.

Very interesting! Thanks for your work!

Top 10 Most Popular Chess Websites in the World

An alternative approach with fewer distributional assumptions? But like you said, we would still need to assume that the type of people that play on the Lichess are the same as the type of people that play on chess. Good job! FIDE Ratings, it seems.

However, the article in which those values for the mean and standard deviation are mentioned is almost two decades old, and the inflationary effect has now changed the distribution sensibly. Acoffe For this thread, I downloaded the latest Fide data: lichess. Simply matching percentiles is probably a useless exercise there This is definitely not the case for FIDE rated players, but for online players it might kinda be.

In this sense, the conversion takes into account attempts to, at least this difference. I can't elaborate any more on how this was done because it isn't specified anywhere I could find.

But yes, not much more we can do for now. With the new rapid ratings, I am curious what the new conversion formula will be. Possibly will be more accurate taking into account all 3 time controls. Rating conversion formulae [lichess. Fairplayer1 edited. This topic has been archived and can no longer be replied to.I have some questions about sandbagging.

I didn't made it to get any benefit. I play just for fun and only casual games in Bullet. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. I did't create any fake accounts to manipulate with my rating and I didn't participate any Bullet tournaments after my rating was lowered.

I just wanted to play poorly and played poourly btw I never resigned in purpuse, I played till the endwithout any engine help. Be a weak player isn't cheating, is it? I play rating games and participating in tournaments only with my real rating blitz and rapid. And no matter of that I was reported. So my questions are: 1. Cheating means that you have any benefits from it for example in tournament. But if you play just for fun without engine and fake accounts and only casual games is it cheating?

Are plays in casual game with low rating is prohibited too? Or not? I saw few topics about sandbagging and there was said, that it is cheating when you use engine or create accounts to manipulate with your rating and do it to get benefits in tournament or rating games. I wasn't do any of it. Althought there was not send any warnings to my e-mail. Sorry for my English, I'm not good in it yet. Don't you think, that your opponents want to have fun, too? Don't you think, that you steal their fun by losing intentionally?

Yep, we play chess and have fun. I play without engine, so what's the problem? I play all challanges I accept all range and allmost always I accept all remathesso I sometimes win and sometimes lose. Btw I play casual games, so it don't affects on my opponents rating. But when wins it's funny and if player isn't arrogance he can find that funny too. It's game where you need to win, not to find someone who is weaker than you and crush him.There are thousands of chess websites in the world.

You can find a site and most likely not just one that concentrates on any given aspect of the game: opening theory, studies, tactics, playing online, game database, etc.

Which of these websites are the most popular in the world of chess? The websites are ranked according to Alexa Inc. Choose your best online chess. Chessdom is a chess news website that covers recent events of professional chess, including the live broadcasts of major tournaments along with an engine analysis of the moves. It also has interviews, game analysis section, etc. ChessPro is a most popular chess website in Russia and one of the most popular chess websites in the world.

It offers a variety of different chess news columns, interviews with top players, theoretical overview, etc. It also provides live broadcasts of major chess events with grandmaster commentary available in Russian language. ChessCube is a popular online chess-playing website with its own virtual currency that can be obtained by winning games and exchanged for different goodies such as video lectures, lessons, etc. Note: this website was not present on the chess-links.

ChessGames is a gigantic chess games database with more thangames. Chess-Results is a website dedicated to delivering results of the rated chess tournament big and small in a timely manner. FIDE is an international organization that connects the various national chess federations around the world and acts as the governing body of international chess competition.

lichess vs chess reddit

Gameknot is a popular and established online chess-playing website with more than 1. ChessBase is the biggest chess website in the world which specializes exclusively on chess news. It has more than 7 million members.

This list is terrible. Too much politics in chess and under the table alliances. I found out the hard way. They tell you to just never log in! There, you have been warned.

lichess vs chess reddit

Congratulations to Yury with the 9th world-best TheChessWorld. Go Chess!!! Products Posts. Tags: most popular chess websites. It also provides an opening tree with different variations, commentary and analyses. It has an online store which sells the ChessBase database and the video lectures by top players. Join Academy Today! Notify of.Ensure that you leave your visitor with the feeling of possibility.

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Lichess vs Chess24 vs

In-PlayFight Winner 3-Way - Includes quote for the draw. Fight Winner 2-Way - Offered for fights where no draw is possible e. Fight Outcome 5-Way - Refer to pre-game fight outcome. Fight Outcome 4-Way - Offered for fights where no draw is possible e. Fight SpecialsTo Score a KnockdownFor settlement purposes a knockdown is defined as a fighter being KO'd or receiving a mandatory 8 count (anything deemed a slip by the referee will not count).

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